Write Now

I tried to write this several weeks ago, but went off on a tangent about the state of journalism and the media that I still haven’t finished. I’ll save that for sometime later. Meanwhile, . . .

I’ve been incredibly lucky to have the luxury of picking and choosing the types of stories I write for publication. Since my last post of many months ago, I decided to write a couple of stories for Edible Idaho South. One focused on craft cocktails; the other on a local woman who has made a major impact on all things food in Boise and Idaho.

I also wrote a piece for one of the Idaho Business Review’s sponsored publications called State of Downtown Boise. Though it’s only available for subscribers, the story explored plans to grow Boise’s downtown core and what that might mean for the city’s future.

Yup, I care about what I eat, drink, and what the future holds for the city I live in. That and I hoped you’ve noticed so much more.  Thanks.


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