Bright Lights, Big City

Sorry for the long break. I decided to take the summer off to camp, fish, mountain bike, and travel a bit. I also ended up doing a bit of casting work on a “promo reel” for a possible reality TV show, wrote and edited web content for a local angel investor group, managed social media for a small business around the corner, spent some time thinking about writing a book, and tried to help out a few startup companies. And, for the past two months, I took on the role of caregiver and lead house manager.

The following link marks my return, of sorts, to writing about things I like to write about. The Idaho Business Review article is another glimpse behind the curtain of Hewlett-Packard’s Boise campus. Although it’s not covered in the story, I noticed this week that the multibuilding complex offers a prime view of a number of jarring juxtapositions: heavy traffic on Chinden, the city’s sewage treatment plant; sensitive nesting sites for eagles and herons along the Greenbelt; a subdivision, where a controversy has erupted over public access along the Boise River; and some picturesque foothills. I like to think of it as the good, the bad, and the ugly of a place we love to call home.


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