Beers, entrepreneurs and a new model for divorce

On the heels of a well-attended launch for startupboise April 4, a core group of members have invited entrepreneurs to a meetup next week for an early evening of networking, music, and beers. That night should be busy as Kickstand plans its monthly meeting for later that evening.

Startupboise Meetup sponsors Meal Ticket, Locate Express, Beacon Guides, and Voxbright Technologies have offered an attractive incentive to drive visitors to the Crux on Boise’s Main Street for the event May 9.  They will give the first 50 startup entrepreneurs that pass through the doors a free, 16 oz beer.  Besides libations, Matt Rissell of T-Sheets and the Fiddle Junkies are set to appear.

The meeting starts at 4 in the afternoon and is scheduled to finish in time to allow Kickstand members to attend their monthly meeting at the WaterCooler. This month’s speaker is Michelle Crosby, president and co-founder of Wevorce.  Y Combinator, a startup accelerator in the Bay Area, picked Crosby and business partner Jeff Reynolds to attend its Winter 2013 session.

Pat Lawless, CEO of Boise’s Voxbright Technologies, launched startupboise as “an entrepreneur-led, grassroots program assembled to energize the Boise entrepreneur and startup scene by creating a concentrated and collaborative community of startups.”  The goal is to shape Boise into “a premiere startup city in America.”  Lawless intends to use Boulder entrepreneur Brad Feld’s bookStartup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City, as a guide for increasing entrepreneurship in Boise.  


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